We arrived in Adelaide, South Australia, Sunday evening, where our friend from college, Louise kindly picked us and our multiple bags up. We are staying in the Adelaide Hills in a German settlement named Hahndorf. We have spent the last few days revisiting where Sam went to school and lived, as well as the local countryside and beaches. This really is a beautiful part of the country.  

We spent Monday afternoon at Mt Lofty, which looks over the hills, plains and coastline around Adelaide. This area was destroyed in the Ash Wednesday fires in the early eighties, but the ranger tower remained in use throughout the fire. Almost 30 people died in that fire, half firefighters. 

We also encountered a roo hanging out by the tower and got pretty close. 


Yesterday we went out for a drive to the Barossa Valley. South Australia produces 50 % of the wine produced in Australia, many famous wines, such as Jacobs Creek are produced in the Barossa. We stopped first at a wildlife park where you really could get up close to the animals. We fed the wallabies cookies, and each held a koala. 


We’ve been doing some reading on the different animals we’ve encountered and it’s been great to see how our Creator works in their design.


Blue Mountain Beauty

Yesterday the weather was forecast to be beautiful inland so we took off to the mountains again. 

The Blue Mountains were so named for the blue-ish haze that emanates from the eucalyptus oil in the leaves of the trees.

 We went to Wentworth Falls which has a drop of 614ft. Very pretty. 


Echo Point is the place where you can see the Three Sisters, three pinnacles of rock jutting out over the gorge.  

Instead of Three Sisters we had Two Sisters and a Brother 🙂 


We forgot to add this photo of the groups of kangaroos we saw hanging out in the Blue Mountains. They reminded us of the way white tail deer group together at home. It was quite something to see them hopping around at a distance. You may have to zoom in on picture. 


Blue Mountain caves and Bondi beach, and more Sydney

The days fly by and we are not getting caught up. The last few days we have seen a variety – the Jenolan caves in the beautiful Blue Mountains, a historical tour of the Rocks area in Sydney and today a trip out to Bondi beach in the morning and the Australian Museum in the afternoon. We are learning a LOT about Australia! 

Sydney Sights

We have really enjoyed our first couple of days in Sydney. Our hotel is next to the Botanical Gardens, so we get to walk through them on our way to pretty much anywhere. So amazing to see green leaves and flowers even though it’s winter. We spent some time at the Aquarium and Wildlife Center both of which do a great job focusing on Australian animals and sea life of all kinds.  

  1.     This is a shingle back lizard. He is designed to look like he has two heads. When threatened he makes his tale stick up like a head and since he’s a skink, if his tale is bitten, it can just drop off.  Will’s Koala selfie    Budgies!  These cockatoos are all over the place, flying wild. We were able to get so close to them at the park this morning.  A cassowary. Apparently the worlds most dangerous bird. Not sure why, but we believe it based on looks alone.        Some of the flowers in the Botanical Garden.           Riding the ferry from Circular Quay by the Opera House, to Darling Harbor. A very fun form of public transportation. And free wifi!