Settling In

We have been in Geraldton almost two weeks, and slowly settling in to a new routine. Scott has started work, although his first couple days involve ethics classes, due to the fact that he is a government employee here. His first shift is actually Friday.

The kids and I have been finding our way around, mostly by bicycle, as we are going to be a one-car family this year. It’s been wonderful being more active, and I think we all feel the benefits of that. Appetites are good, and everyone is sleeping well, with achy muscles most days! We are in a small suburb of Geraldton, and are able to ride, run or walk the seafront bicycle path down to the town center, where we joined the library and today are going to visit the museum. We discover new little beaches daily along the way, and Addie, Frankie, Will and I have started making sea glass art from our finds along the beach! Amazing what you can make with a little bit of sea junk!

DSC_1108 DSC_1162 DSC_1139

Even Scott’s excited about the ocean lol.



2 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Love these ‘action’ shots, Sam but where are all the people, deck chairs, windbreaks, ice cream vans, kiss me quick hats,etc, lol?


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