Dolphins…we hope….

A couple of days ago, the kids and I were out for our morning run. Don’t be impressed. We are working on a Couch-to-5k thing. But it’s nice, running together along the seafront.

On the way back home, the following conversation ensued:

Frankie: “ummm…I just saw a fin….”


Addie: “No, you didn’t, Frankie, it was a bird. I definitely saw a bird flying by the water”

Silence, except for padding feet and breathlessness.

Me: “I just saw a fin too”

We all stop and see a fin. 

Silence. The fin is 10 feet from the shoreline, if that.

Me: ” I think it’s a friendly fin. It looks too friendly a shape to be a shark…”

Silence. Followed by resounding agreement. 

Addie: “Don’t they swim in pods, like together?”

Silence. More observation.

Me, and everyone else:

“I just saw 2 fins! ”


We even stopped a lady on her daily walk to confirm.

Me: “Do Dolphins swim around here?”

Her: “I’ve heard that, but I’ve never seen one. Sharks do though…”

Silence. Two fins. Friendly fins.

Her: “Well, that looks like a friendly fin, playing with another friendly fin. Let’s just call them Dolphins…”

Resounding agreement. Again.

We have no pictures. But great memories. They really did look friendly. 😄


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