Yesterday, we drove north up the coast to explore Kalbarri National Park. It’s a 450,000 acre park consisting of incredible scenery in the form of river gorges and coastal cliffs. The geology consists of deep, horizontal bands of multicolored sands deposited in layers. The colors range from a variety of reds, oranges, all the way to yellow and white. 

Australia is a dangerous, but beautiful place, and they are very good about reminding you of this. Various warning signs were at each car park when we began a trail, the most common one reading :

“Hikers have died on this trail. Please take water and only attempt if you have a moderate to high level of fitness”

Anyway, we thought we’d give it a try. It was a Level 4 trail which means there was rock climbing, ladder climbing and loose, sandy rock to deal with on the rock climbing, but it was great fun. 


We are all a little sore this morning.
We also went to the coastal cliffs. There are some slightly less scary hikes along this coastline, that we agreed would be better to take visitors to. We had the blessing of witnessing a pod of dolphins swimming along as we were eating our sandwiches.



We finished off the day with a visit to Natures Window, one of Western Australia’s most iconic natural attractions, forming a frame for photographers of the Murchison River Gorge.


It was a day filled with great beauty. We feel very blessed that God showed off his Creation to us today, and we are eager to see more. 

Next week we are heading up to Shark Bay to camp, so more then. 

Did you know that Zane Grey, the author of American western stories, was a huge fishing fan and fished in Shark Bay?


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