Roads that run forever

The roads are quite amazing here in Western Australia, they go on forever, red dirt and brush bordering either side further north and south, wheat fields and mesas closer to Geraldton. Sometimes we will see a kangaroo or emu alongside or crossing in front. 

I spend a lot of time wondering about those brave pioneers that headed west back home, and here the ones that crossed this inhospitable landscape. At least we have signs and directions, even in the vastness.

It’s incredibly beautiful in a dangerous way. The other day, when we headed north, Scott filled the vehicle with diesel whenever he had the opportunity, simply because it can be hundreds of miles in between gas stations. A road sign ahead becomes a great source of excitement for the traveler, a town even more so! 

How did they do it, these men that crossed on camels and foot? 

I suppose most of us don’t think of it now, when we travel our highways and interstates.  Here’s some photos of roads we’ve traveled on. Most of what we’ve traveled on has been blacktop, but I’m sure in this part of the country, there’s almost as many unfinished roads, tracks and stock routes. 



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