Canoe Safari!

DSC_0161 DSC_0159 DSC_0156 DSC_0158 DSC_0153

We spent Saturday afternoon on a very fun canoe safari, which took us about 10k along the Murchison River, finishing close to the mouth of the river at Kalbarri. We hopped on a big 4WD bus towing canoes, about lunchtime, and bumped up and down for half an hour on something resembling a track that ran alongside the river. The driver eventually stopped, and asked his passengers if they’d rather push a bus, or drag canoes to the river bank! It’s been a little muddy after recent rains. He was just joking, but we did opt for dragging, and the guys in the group carried the boats to the water. Addie, Frankie and I in one boat and Will and Scott in the other. The canoe guide gave us about ten minutes to figure out what we doing, yell at each other, etc, before heading downstream.

It was wonderful, we saw all kinds of birdlife including some parrots, some wild goats, and something with a long tongue we couldn’t identify from the river, maybe a lizard. The canoe guide, who is also a chef by trade, met us about halfway along our route at the side of the river, where he was busy cooking sausages for hot dogs, with caramelized onions, which tasted delicious after the last hour of shoulder-killing rowing. We finished this off with some jelly donuts from the town bakery, and headed back to the boats.

We paddled for another hour or so, the last kilometer a little choppier with the mouth of the river approaching, but we arrived safely, tired and slightly triumphant! Sorry for the lack of actual canoeing pictures, there was at least a 100 percent chance of all electronics getting completely wet šŸ™‚


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