Turquoise Water

Whenever Scott has a few days off in a row, we try to drop everything and go explore. Homeschooling gives us the flexibility to do this, this year while we are away, particularly since Scott works many weekends. We started school a few weeks ago, and I’m pleased with how far they’ve gotten on core subjects. Even traveling around in the vehicle leads to interesting lessons. Yesterday, Scott, our house philosopher, had them working on a big question about infinity 😳 and taught them to memorize all the books of the Old Testament. 

I read them my favorite poems and stories by Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson. Clancy of the Overflow was the poem that made me want to live in the country. 😊

We spent a few days in Cervantes, a little over 2 1/2 hours south, a small beachside town with literally turquoise sea. There is a lobster receiving and live packing plant here and we did get to tour that, which was fascinating. China, Japan and Dubai are big buyers of Rock Lobster.


The Rock Lobster is a warm water lobster due to the phenomenon of the Leeuwin current on this side of Australia, making what should be cold water, tropical. This type of lobster doesn’t have the meaty claws but lots of meat in the tail. Of course, we took some back for some surf and turf that night.
The kids tried paddle boarding for the first time and loved it. Frankie particularly enjoyed it, and would have stayed out all day. Scott gave it a whirl and declared it a “warm weather sport” and I sat on the beach and agreed with him (it’s still winter here).

Some of us might be getting old 😆


We also toured the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park, just down the road from Cervantes. Check it out:


These odd rocks’ origin is a bit of a mystery, one theory is that they are petrified trees, another involves the leaching and recrystallizing/concreting together of calcium carbonate. They are a few thousand years old, from a time when oceans covered this land. Whatever they are, it makes for some remarkable viewing. They look like pointy hats growing in a desert. Addie has better pics which I’ll post later.



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