Sea Lion Story by Frankie

Hi everyone,

This is Frankie. I just wanted to tell you about a really funny/awesome thing that happened when we were paddle boarding the other day. I had Mum on my board and Addie had Will on the other board and we were heading into shore to drop them off (Mum and Will) when Addie said “MOM, there is a SEAL (it was a sea lion but…) behind you!” Mom was freaking out saying “Are you sure it was a seal!” I couldn’t see it because I was paddling the board trying to keep it from tipping when I saw it jump out of the water about 10 feet away jumping like a dolphin! It was a really cool animal. We don’t have any pictures of it cause dad was turned around when it happened. Addie probably has a better story than me because she saw more of it than me. I was just afraid it was going to tip us over! LOL


One thought on “Sea Lion Story by Frankie

  1. Thanks for your blog Frankie. Really enjoyed reading it and so pleased you are enjoying your paddle board. I think I would have been somewhat worried when this sea lion appeared but happy it was only a sea lion, lol!!


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