The Coral Coast

Last week, we were extremely blessed to have friends visit from Adelaide with their twin boys, and together we travelled a good ways up the coast. Our base was Carnarvon, a former port close to the Tropic of Capricorn. It’s more of a tourist destination now, and there are many banana and mango plantations in the area, as well as a one mile jetty that used to be used to load cattle and other livestock. It now makes a happy spot for fishermen.

The following pictures are of the Blowholes, about an hour or so north of Carnarvon, where the sea is forced  through holes in the rocks along the coastline into huge sprays and fountains that resemble Old Faithful. It’s an incredible sight, and reminds us of the power of our Creator. You definitely needed to be aware of each your steps here, very rough coastline.


Many fishermen choose to balloon fish for enormous fish along this coastline, using helium balloons to carry the line over the reefs and rocks out to where the bait floats on top of the water. Apparently, it is quite the adrenalin rush to see a 50kg tuna or cod jump out of the water to get hooked. Many times shark get the catch before the fisherman hauls it in. 

We also did our first real snorkeling at Coral Bay, another 3 hours north of the Blowholes. It’s a tiny seaside community on the Ningaloo Reef. We were all amazed at the variety and color of fish and coral. It was Scott’s first time snorkeling and he was fascinated by the world below the water.

The Ningaloo Reef is apparently the largest fringing reef in the world, stretching for 260 km along the Western Australian coastline. It hugs close to the shoreline, and is close enough to walk out to.

Unfortunately because we were underwater the whole time, I have no pictures but we will don the Go-Pro next time!


One thought on “The Coral Coast

  1. Hi, Stephanie, this is Pastor Kate at Ashland United Methodist Church. I finally caught up with you and your family! You’re having an amazing adventure and I look forward to learning more about it.


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