Fishing (and shark) tales

I truly apologize for how long it’s been since I posted! 

Here we are in November, and Addie just told us yesterday that we have been here 6 months. It’s gone so quickly and has been filled with so many experiences. We are into our visitor season now, Scott’s aunt Jane last month, my mum and dad are here now and Cerys and her good friend Hannah arrive right before Christmas, and more family in the new year!

So, let’s get caught up:

Scott loves to fish, and was invited out recently to fish for dhu out in the Indian Ocean. There’s a bag limit of only 2 per boat and so it’s considered quite the fish. He had the time of his life, as you can see in the pictures. There’s a nice demonstration of Aussie teasing and mate-ism from his companions in the video😊.

He also saw a young whale and they hooked a shark while out there, apparently a common occurrence.

Recently we were paddle boarding at the beach near out house. When we returned to shore, a city worker told us to be wary as there was a dead sea lion down the beach, and that at high tide, the Great White sharks would gather to feast.

So best stay out of the water that day.

Don’t hear that much at home…


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