Little Joeys

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We are blessed to be able to enjoy the local wildlife on a really regular basis. Little joeys are the tamest and most agreeable little creatures, Unfortunately, the mother kangaroos often die on the roads, and because the female kangaroo is almost always carrying a joey, this leaves a lot of orphans. There are many “joey rescuers” in our area, and we have a local wildlife park that specializes in rehabilitating and rescuing local creatures. They keep the joeys in little “bags” that they hang around the house! The wildlife park is privately run, with the keeper’s house on the premises, and late in the day she brings the joeys out in their bags and you can help supervise them while they hop around, take their bottles etc. It’s very cute, they tend to go jumping off wildly and haphazardly, like some out-of-control toddler, Almost like they are surprised that their legs are so bouncy.

There are a variety of creatures there from the area, emus, dingos, snakes, etc. It’s become a favorite place. In fact, we are going there again today!DSC_0500


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