Rottnest Island, and what’s a quokka?

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We recently traveled over to Rottnest Island, about a hour off of the coast of Perth, for a day of snorkeling and quokkas.

Quokkas are the little marsupials that inhabit the island in enormous quantities. In fact, you can’t eat lunch without one or more sitting at your feet, patiently waiting with a look that is hard to ignore. One even had a baby in it’s pouch that hopped out and joined the party.

This was a great place to snorkel, it’s hard to explain how clear the water is although I hope our photos give you somewhat of an idea. It is in the perfect spot to take advantage of the Leeuwin Current, which pulls the subtropical and tropical species of sealife down the coastline, further south than where they would normally be. We stopped at Little Salmon Bay for a couple of hours, and saw countless varieties of fish including some pretty large ones a little further out.

Rottnest does not have vehicles, just a handy bus that drops you are a dozen different spots around the island. You can also bike ride, or walk. It reminds me of Mackinac Island in that sense.

Check it out at:


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