Cerys and Hannah are here!

We’ve had lots of visitors these last few months and want to share with you some photos from our travels.

   Cerys and Hannah arrived in Perth after spending a couple of fun days in Sydney. Their first week with us was full of Christmas activities and the Abrohlos but we also took them to Shark Bay. The above are photos of Shell Beach. We walked out into the water for a while but at a hefty 117 degrees, didn’t stick around too long.

We saw dolphins and turtles at Monkey Mia, and afterward took a tour on a catamaran that took us out into the sea grass beds where we saw dugongs, which are huge. Dolphins swam alongside the cat and later Will rode in the boom net. 

We also visited a pearl farm which was extremely interesting. Cultured pearls around here result in colors ranging from black to pink. We saw an oyster opened and the pearl taken out. 

  We also took a trip to Ocean Park Aquarium (check it out, this is a great place: 
At this outdoor aquarium, they rehabilitate injured sea creatures and teach the public about the sealife in the area. We witnessed a shark feeding, which was slightly terrifying.  



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