Fire watching

We have been traveling south with Cerys and Hannah before they return home on the 7th 😔.

Our first stop was Green Head where we snorkeled with the sea lions, then we headed to Rottnest for a whole day of more snorkeling and sunshine. 

Yesterday we drove to Albany, on the southern edge of Western Australia. Albany was the first settlement in Western Australia, and today we are off to see the  Brig Amity, a replica of the ship that the settlers arrived on, as well as the historical whaling station museum. Albany was a thriving whaling station up to the 1970’s, and at its height, saw the processing of between 900-1100 sperm and humpback whales a year.

On our way down yesterday we stopped at Gloucester National Park, near Pemberton.

Here we saw and climbed the Gloucester Tree, a 53m (180ft) Karri tree, used in the 1940’s as a bush fire lookout. Metal pegs have been hammered in a spiral fashion around the tree for intrepid climbers. Addie and I decided to scale it and it was awesome. My tip: don’t look down or up until you are standing on the platform at the top!

There’s really absolutely nothing to stop one from falling to their death, in the ever-enjoyable Aussie “she’ll be right” fashion. 

But the view at the top was worth every step.

Here’s Addie climbing back down!



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