Cerys’ joey cuddles

The one thing Cerys has been desperate to do since we moved to Australia was to hold a Joey. So when she and Hannah visited, we took them to our local Greenough Wildlife park for Joey cuddles. This park is privately owned and acts as a rehabilitation place for orphaned joeys, injures dingos, even crocodiles! Michelle, the ranger, is by profession, a snake removal expert, meaning you give her a yell when you spot a venomous one on your farm. She comes along with her black bag and snake stick and relocates your problem for you.

Anyway, Michelle absolutely loves what she does and wants to share it. It’s quite contagious.






 If you request a Joey cuddle, she brings out one of her little friends who is literally hanging in a bag pouch around her house (off doorknobs, dining room chairs etc) and you can hold them for ages while she tells you about her work. What a treat.


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