Scuba Ranger Will


 This last week Will has been participating in a Scuba Rangers class at our local dive shop. He is not old enough to be PADI qualified, as Addie and Frankie were, but this is a great introduction, and unless the girls keep up with him, he may end up more experienced. Today was his demo day where he and the kids in his class demonstrated their skills and gave a presentation on the correct use of regulators, buoyancy control devices etc.

He now has the option to take other classes, including night diving. It’s a very civic minded class also, coming up soon is the National Clean Up day where all the local divers go down under the piers and clean up things that have been dropped. Last year a student found a scooter, which was his to keep! I told Will not to bring any shopping carts home, there’s bound to be a few of those….😆

The instructor set a plexi glass screen on the surface of the water so we could take photos. The one above shows Will demonstrating scuba language for “cold”. Apparently it’s a universal sign…

Here he is demonstrating air sharing with his scuba buddy, Nelson.

And here is Will, demonstrating neutral bouyancy:

And here’s a few more shots. He had a great time. Keep posted for more underwater adventures:

The group “volcano” (from pressing the purge button on your regulator.



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