Surf Groms

A grommet (grom) is a young participant in extreme sports. Originally, a grommet was a surfer under the age of 16. In recent years, this has expanded to include other extreme sports, most notably skateboarding and snowboarding.
Tim Winton, Australian author, in his children’s story Lockie Leonard, Legend, stated:

“Things are never as simple as they seem, not even for grommets”.
We were only familiar with the word for its description of a metal reinforcement. And thankfully, we didn’t have to use the word in the little-kid-ear-tube connotation (yay, breastfeeding!).

But now we know this particular use of the word in it’s most fun and sunny sense. 

Will joined Surf Groms recently and they meet on Back Beach (the surfers beach) every Saturday morning. Keith and Kelly are the coaches and in the nicest possible way, are about as stereotypical surfer dudes and dudettes as you can imagine, right down to the huge hoop and holler they give every kid when they ride one in. They start off with a safety lesson, teaching the kids wind direction,  rip, tide, wave height, scary critters and sun savvy behavior.

Back Beach, around the corner from the lighthouse, has a God-given perfect collection of waves of all heights, and so they all head out after a few practices on land, jumping from the cobra position up onto the board. Keith and Kelly go back and forth through the waves, watching and helping each kid. In a group of 10 kids, they’ve all stood up. And it’s only the second week!

Will loves it. At this age, they don’t all have much core strength to go straight from flat belly on the board, to standing, in one jump and this is the goal right now.

Planks, planks, planks! 

They tried the back-hand turn this week. No idea what this does yet, but I’m sure the story will unfold. 

Hang ten, friends.



Love this one….

 One of the Groms, Benji, brings his little dog Marvin, each week. Marvin loves to watch Benji ride in. Benji is a mini-legend in his own right. 

 Marvin and Scott, vying over Marvins special stick…  


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