Summer Days

Summer (and winter, spring and fall) are indescribably beautiful down here. 

It’s just nice ALL the time. And when we do get the very occasional rain or cloudy day, it’s such a novelty, that that’s nice too. 

It’s stereotypical resort weather. We’ve had a few scorchers, temperatures well into the 100 teens, and some of those temperatures have lasted for a few days in a row. 

We’ve kind of forgotten what it’s like to feel cold. 85 or 90 is just a comfortable, every day temperature anymore, perhaps even a touch cool.

Ok, we’ll shut up now.

Anyway, we’ve been enjoying a lot of water activities of late. The girls, now certified in scuba, went diving recently at the Abrohlos Islands, offshore from here by about 40km, and had a great day. 

I think they sort of got over their fear of the shark that day, when they saw many plain old regular eating fish,almost their size. There’s a lot of large life in the Indian Ocean. 

And it’s also incredibly beautiful.

Scott’s uncle Danny is also visiting currently and has enjoyed the water the last couple of days. Today we went out on the replica longboat. It was a boat like this that took crew from the shipwreck of the Batavia all the way up to Jakarta in Indonesia, for help. They had 40 some people on this little boat. However, as someone said today, they would have happily been pulled behind the longboat with a rope than endure the horror that took place on the islands they left behind. See our earlier blog on the Abrohlos for the details.

But today’s boat trip was relaxing and enjoyable and a couple of Bostons became dab hands at being shipmates.


Here’s Danny just sitting back after tying up the mainsail. 

And here’s Will, working the rudder.

And some days we just have great days on the beach. Mostly afternoon or weekends now that school is in session. 


Addie’s wearing zinc cream on her nose. When I was a kid, you could only get it in white, now it’s available in all colors. It’s just a sun block, and an Australian icon.

The little clam type creatures in the following video can be found just under the sand on some local beaches. If you dig them up, they stick a little foot out and dig right back down again.

Excuse the sibling rivalry:


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