School Holidays

The Australian school year is based on what is known in America as “year round school”. Four terms with 2 week breaks in between, and a six week summer vacation. 

It works well, from what we’ve witnessed. 

We are currently half-way through a term break. The kids are staying on for some of term 2, since they’ve really enjoyed school. 

Our plans right now are to pull the kids from school on June 3, when we will drive down to Perth, to meet Scott who will be flying back from a conference in Melbourne. We will begin a long, long, long journey home, which we will elaborate on more later!

Anyway, here’s a few photos from our last week. We went camping with our camper trailer. It’s essentially a tent packed on the top of a trailer, in which we stow all our camping gear – stoves, BBQ, sleeping bags, mattresses, tables and chairs etc. 

Here we are, setting it up. It still takes us a while to put it up and down, but now that we have all posts labeled, it will hopefully go more smoothly. 

We also spent some time at Kalbarri’s coastal lookouts, all of which are beautiful. The following photos were taken at Mushroom Rock. We saw lots of crabs underneath the rocks, in a variety of colors.

Will and I went to Rainbow Jungle to look at the tropical birds. Scott and the girls went fishing and we met up with them later to cook hotdogs on the beach. 

We are beginning to understand that our time in Geraldton is running very short, and so the last few days we have snorkeled, dived for crayfish and spent time on the beach and building sandcastles. 

Time sure flies….



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